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Godspell Audition Information

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A Note from the Production Team

Thank you for choosing to audition for Godspell

In January 2019 BMC presented a highly successful staging of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. With over 45 cast, 6 band members and another 30 people working tirelessly behind the scenes Joseph dazzled and entertained an audience of over 1,200 people 

in 5 performances. After the excitement and momentum generated from this retelling of a well-know biblical story, the question was ‘what comes next’? In early 2020 the announcement was made that we had secured the rights to present Godspell in the spring of 2021. Unfortunately COVID-19 had other plans for us and the production was put on hold. We’re now at a point where we’ve all returned to larger gatherings and live events and we’re ready to once again get the wheels in motion for the staging of Godspell in the spring of 2024. 

Godspell takes place in a rough neighborhood where arguments are quick and resolutions slow. The entrance of John the Baptist moves some to immediate baptism and others to contemplative listening and growth. The children in this neighborhood watch and learn. We journey with Jesus through multiple parables and witness the neighborhood create a community of faith. Unfortunately, the betrayal of Judas will prove to most that change is only ever temporary. It takes the faith of the children to remind the adults, the audience, that God lives. God abides in us.

Godspell” was conceived in the 1970s by John-Michael Tebelak, who was put off by traditional church services and wanted to infuse the gospels with joy and community. Eventually Stephen Schwartz joined as songwriter, and the show became part of a wave of rock musicals, at a moment when a generation brought up on TV and the electric guitar were invading theater and comedy.

While the show focuses on the story of Jesus, there are many parts and places for a full ensemble to shine. We’re looking forward to the coming months as we bring this musical to life, and have fun doing it! Featuring well-known songs such as Prepare Ye, Day by Day and By My Side; Godspell was built around the talent and gifts of the actors assembled in each production. That’s why we think this show can be an amazing opportunity to showcase the broad range of acting, singing (and even dancing!) abilities in a truly BMC version of Godspell


The BMC Godspell Production Team,

Amy Good, Director
Stacey Vandermeer, Music Director
Justin Martin, Production Manager
Chris Steingart, Artistic Director


Production Information

BMC Godspell Show Dates

Thursday, April 25, 2024              7:30 pm
Friday, April 26, 2024                    7:30 pm
Saturday, April 27, 2024                2 pm & 7:30 pm
Sunday, April 28, 2024                  2pm

Godspell will be performed in the Sanctuary at Breslau Mennonite Church


Godspell requires a cast of a minimum size of 13 but we plan to expand it to 25-30 adult and child actors. Attendance at all rehearsals will be critical to the success of this production. Absences will have a huge impact.

While we understand that people will be away for a variety of reasons, we ask that everyone auditioning for this production commit to our FULL rehearsal schedule. 


Rehearsals for Godspell will begin on SUNDAY, JANUARY 7th. Rehearsals will take place at BMC in the Sanctuary, Gym or Library.


  • Sundays 1-5pm (7, 14, 21, 28)


  • Sundays 1-5pm (4, 8, 11, 25) *Off February 18 for family day weekend
  • Thursdays 6:30 – 9:30pm (8, 15, 22, 29) *Children will not be called for these rehearsals


  • Sundays 1-5pm (3, 17, 24) *Off Mar 10th for March Break and March 31 for Easter Sunday
  • Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm (7, 21, 28) *Off Mar 14 for M.Break, no children at these rehearsals


  • Sundays 1-5pm (7th) 
  • Sundays 1-9pm 14, 21 (with a cast dinner) 
  • Thursdays 6:30-9:30pm (4, 11, 18) *Children may be required for parts of these rehearsals.

Though we ask for full commitment to this schedule, there are likely to be some exceptions along the way. Other changes will be announced as we go.

In the week leading up to the show, the following special rehearsal schedule will apply:

Saturday, April 20 Load-In and Theatre Setup
Sunday, April 21 Rehearsal 1-5pm, 6:30-10pm *with cast dinner
Tuesday, April 23 Dress Rehearsal: 7:00 pm start, Call time TBD
Wednesday, April 24 Dress Rehearsal: 7:00 pm start, Call time TBD
Thursday, April 25 Performance 7:30pm Start, Call time TBD
Friday, April 26 Performance 7:30pm Start, Call time TBD
Saturday, April 27 Performances 2pm and 7:30pm Start, Call time TBD
Sunday, April 28 Performances 2pm followed by Teardown.
    *Attendance is MANDATORY for all cast and crew

General Expectations

  • All cast members should be available 1 1/2 hours prior to performance for make-up and hair styling.
  • All cast members will receive their script in advance of first rehearsal and should be familiar with their role, working towards full memorization.
  • Every cast member will be emailed a “BMC Show Information Kit”. It will include everything you need to know about being part of a BMC show including how to check rehearsal schedules, important email addresses and more. You should carefully read and fully understand that document BEFORE you come to your first rehearsal.
  • As a member of the company you are required to spend a minimum of 8 hours in pre-production activities in addition to performing on stage and rehearsing. Sometimes this is work that can be done at home (sewing/prop construction) or it may mean a Saturday work day doing painting or stage construction. As we get closer to our production dates we always require lots of help to transform the sanctuary into a theatre – a fun experience and a great time to fulfill some of those hours.
  • Have fun! Taking part in this “BMC Family” musical will be a wonderful experience! You will get to know many people, be challenged and be rewarded with the applause of an audience and being part of something very special!



Auditions are a chance for us to learn more about your range and desired role, and for you to learn more about what the coming months will look like. We know auditions can feel strange and intimidating, but we hope you’ll leave feeling supported, energized, and excited for the months ahead!

Audition Location

BMC Library,
Sunday October 15, 2023 1-5 pm 

Audition Panel
Amy Good Director
Stacey Vandermeer Music Director
Chris Steingart Artistic Director
Justin Martin Production Manager

General Audition Information

Each audition will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes you can book your audition by clicking the link here

Download and fill out our audition information form 

Please arrive approximately 10 minutes early, so you’ll have time to prepare for your audition and be ready in case we’re running ahead of schedule. 

Don’t want to audition alone? No worries… We want the audition process to be as comfortable as possible so feel free to sign up with a friend or family member(s) and either prepare a song and spoken dialogue separately or together. 

What to Prepare For Your Audition


  • Please come prepared with one song to sing. It could be a musical theatre selection (from Godspell or another musical) a hymn, or any other song that features your vocal range. You should be completely familiar and comfortable with the song so you’ll be able to perform it with clarity and conviction.
  • If you’re auditioning for a specific character or solo for a specific song in the show, your song should be in the style and range of a song sung by that character in Godspell. 
  • You’ll have two minutes or less to sing your song. Please be ready to perform the section that you want the audition panel to hear. You likely won’t have time to sing the entire song. 
  • The panel may ask you to sing additional material from the show. If you are auditioning for a lead part, you should be familiar with the music from the show in general.
  • We will not have an accompanist for auditions. Here are a few options: 
    • You may sing acapella.
    • Bring an instrument to play yourself (or your own accompanist – a piano will be available) 
    • Bring a recorded accompaniment. There are lots to be found on youtube if you search “karaoke” along with your song title. You are responsible for bringing that music and method of playing that music (ie speakers). For example: here is a link to a playlist on youtube of all the Godspell songs with a piano accompaniment.


Audition FAQ’s

Are There Children in Godspell?

While Joseph had a specific role for a children’s choir. Godspell was originally written for a group of adults. The production team has identified several areas where younger actors can be involved in meaningful ways to help tell the story. We welcome children 8 and older to audition for the show. 

*Please note that we require at least one parent to be in the cast or attend each rehearsal for any children between 8-12. 

What about Gender Roles?

We see our cast as a group of storytellers acting out familiar stories from the life and ministry of Jesus. While key roles might rem

ain true to gender, depending on the makeup of our cast we plan to cast the best person for each role regardless of their gender with which they identify.

What type of people are you looking for?

Since this is going to be a BMC retelling of Godspell, we’re looking for BMC Family members of all ages, colours, shapes and sizes. 

Can people from the community audition?

We welcome anyone from the Breslau Mennonite Church Family from ages 8-108 to audition. While members of the wider community are welcome to audition, if space in the cast is limited, preference will be given to BMC members. 

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