Adult Education


Breslau Mennonite Church adult Christian education (or ACE) is committed to stimulating conversations about issues that matter to congregants and to the community locally and globally. We recognize that the whole of life is territory to explore for those with an interest in how to live a more spiritually aware life.


In January 2020, ACE introduced the work of some European Mennonites who have initiated a project entitled
“Daring! The Anabaptist Movement, 1525–2025”.
A different theme for each of the next 5 years will lead us to the
500th anniversary of the Anabaptist movement.
Theme for 2020 is Daring! to live responsibly.
Theme for 2021 is Daring! to live together.
Theme for 2022 is Daring! to live consistantly.
Theme for 2023 is Daring! to live non-violently.
Theme for 2024 is Daring! to live in hope.
Theme for 2025 is Daring! 500 years Anabapist Movement 1525 – 2025.
More information about the project can be found at:


Adult Christian Education (ACE) for 2024

January & February – Parables panel discussion

March, April, May – Breslau Mennonite Church Open Space discussion & discernment

Adult Christian Education (ACE) for 2023

January – Voices Together Mennonite hymnal

February – House of Friendship
Region of Waterloo Regional Plan

March – Woodland Cultural Centre Six Nationsl Land Claims

April – May – Anabaptist Community Bible Project

September & October – Conversations on Communion

October & November – Peace series
Mennonite Central Committee Ontario