Worship forms the heart of our church community. Its weekly pulse calls us of all ages to sing, pray, read Scripture and to speak and share the hope that is ours as children of God. In worship we seek to give God glory, to deepen our faith, to find common and welcome space with one another and to be encouraged to share the peace of Jesus Christ in our homes, places of work and in our community. Worship at Breslau invites and encourages our transformation as we celebrate our unique place within our community and world.



The season of Lent invites us to experience a journey of seeking, discovery, and challenge. Pray and sing, hear and respond going deeper into the scripture texts for Lent. Hungering for Hope is our worship theme for Lent. Worship is Sunday at 9:45 am, the first Sunday of Lent is February 18.

The world seems to be a very weary place. Where can authentic hope be found? What happens when we embody trust, surrender, openness, beauty, rebirth, and reconciliation?

We are hungering for hope. God is calling from even greater depths of mystery and grace. Join us in searching and hungering.