Mission, Values, Vision

Our Mission

A welcoming community of faith and worship
Supporting each other as we learn and grow
Extending Christ’s peace, love and justice
With our community
With the world.

Our Values and Vision

Nurturing a Welcoming Community

We strive to create an open, caring community of faith and worship, supporting each other as we learn and grow; comprised of members who care for each other and are actively involved in our surrounding community. We welcome all regardless of age, gender, beliefs, social status, race, or sexual orientation; all are invited to participate and explore.

We build intentional community by affirming, caring, and seeking common ground with each other and with our neighbours across all generations; we challenge ourselves and encourage each other to be inclusive, inviting and truly open.

Living our Faith and Theology

We are an Anabaptist Christian community with a faith foundation that is inviting to all – seekers and believers. We are appreciative of our Anabaptist story and seek ways to integrate the stories and principles in our lives.

We challenge ourselves to actively demonstrate the core principles of Christ’s Love, Justice and Peace.

Celebrating our Faith in Worship

We create a thoughtful and meaningful worship setting that celebrates our Anabaptist faith and theology, and is musical, relevant, and energizing to all. Our service structure and style reflects the theme, message and worship needs of the congregation.

We recognize each other’s gifts and talents while being aware and sensitive to the need for balance of familiarity and diversity.

Our Invitation

Join us every Sunday at 9:45 for:

  • Music-filled worship
  • Exploration of faith and life issues
  • Children’s, Youth, and Adult ministry
  • Coffee and fellowship

For a printable copy of our Mission, Values, Vision statement, click here