Truth & Reconciliation Working Group


A BMC Truth and Reconciliation Working Group was instituted by Church Council in October, 2021.  The purpose of this working group is to support individuals, church committees and the congregation as a whole:

  • to accept, where appropriate, responsibility for being part of a process that worked towards cultural genocide of Indigenous people in Canada;
  • to continue learning about and from Indigenous people in our midst;
  • to engage in concrete actions that will promote healing and reconciliation with Indigenous people in our community and our country.


Anyone who attends BMC is welcome to join this working group.  Just call the church office (519-648-2501) or Philip Martin (226-789-8615) for more information.  Dates of upcoming meetings will also be announced in the church bulletin.


Here are the full Terms of Reference for this working group.


Minutes From Past Meetings

November 6, 2021

November 27, 2021


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