BMC Covid-19 Safety Protocols

 We are entering the winter season and spending more time with each other indoors. Our health system is currently experiencing a surge in hospitalizations due to COVID-19, children’s respiratory infections and the flu.  Children and elderly persons are especially vulnerable to these infections. How can we help and care for one another and the wider community in this situation?  In response, please consider or reconsider these strongly recommended and voluntary public health practices that help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria among us:

  • frequent handwashing or sanitizing
  • wearing a mask when indoors at church
  • staying home when we are experiencing any illness symptoms
  • receiving the flu and COVID-19 immunizations
  • sitting in the more physically distanced seating space provided at the back of the sanctuary

You may also prefer to sit more physically distanced during worship, and there is seating provided at the back of the sanctuary.

As the BMC community of faith, let’s also continue to treat each other with kindness and respect regardless of one another’s decision to wear a mask or not.

updated November 2022