Employment Opportunity: Part-time Administrative Assistant

Posted on: October 13th, 2021 by Chris Steingart

Breslau Mennonite Church is seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant.

To apply, send a cover letter, resume and three references to Church Council Chair, Mark Epp at:  markus.epp61@gmail.com by November 4, 2021.

Job Description:
Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant is part of the ministry team at Breslau Mennonite Church. The primary task is to support the vision of the congregation, through the administrative work of the church. In supporting the vision of the congregation, this person is a significant voice of the congregation to the larger community.


  • Team player who desires to serve the Church with administration, digital communications and bookkeeping skills
  • Well organized, attentive to detail, accurate, efficient, flexible and creative.
  • Able to work both on a team and independently
  • Able to take initiative and problem solve
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, providing a welcoming presence to people in the church and the community
  • Excellent working knowledge of all Microsoft Office software, Google Docs, PowerChurch, Mailchimp and digital communications software (e.g. video editing)
  • Able to adapt and learn especially as office and communication technologies change

Ethical Standards:

  • The Administrative Assistant is expected to respect and be supportive of Mennonite faith and practice and the Breslau Mennonite Church vision
  • The Administrative Assistant is expected to maintain the highest level of confidentiality at all times.
  • The Administrative Assistant is expected to accept and adhere to the Breslau Mennonite Church Safe Church Policy

Accountability and Support:

  • The Administrative Assistant is accountable to the congregation through the Church Council.
  • The Administrative Assistant is supervised by the Full-time Pastor on day-to-day operations, for guidance regarding tasks, task priorities, and arranging work schedule. The Full-Time Pastor will provide support on an ongoing regular basis.
  • The Church Council Chair completes an annual review with the Administrative Assistant and is available to provide mentoring and support through the year
  • The Administrative Assistant is expected to participate in MCEC Administrative Assistants events as a learning and networking opportunity

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Administrative Support
    • Provides administrative support to the pastoral/leadership staff, Church Council and committees as needed.
    • Coordinates submission of annual reports from pastors, committees and groups in the church and prepares annual report package for annual general meeting as well as materials for other congregational meetings as needed
    • Maintains and keeps track of service agreements, insurance policies, facility and equipment maintenance, copyright licensing and other administrative tasks supporting the work of the church
    • Maintains and updates church records and recordkeeping systems, ensuring records are complete, secure and accessible as needed
    • General office duties such as picking up and sorting the mail, answering the phone, photocopying and filing.
  • Bookkeeping
    • Provides administrative support to Treasurer and bookkeeper as needed
    • Verifies purchases for routine bills and expense reports received and remits payments
    • Keeps paid invoices filed and organized
    • Remits budgeted amounts as designated at year end\
  • Recordkeeping
    • Maintains and updates membership records and records of vital events (births, marriages and deaths)
    • Maintains and updates lists of church groups (Junior Youth, Youth, Young Adults, etc)
    • Maintains and updates BMC Regional Care Group lists in consultation with the Elders
    • Prepares “Milestone” recipient list for Pastor/leadership & Elders as needed
    • Purchases and assembles MCC kits for appropriate milestone events
    • Maintains and updates member addresses, email addresses and phone numbers for print and website directories
    • Maintains labels for church mailboxes
    • Maintains and updates Gift Discernment Committee list of volunteers
    • Completes and submits reports in response to various church organizations on statistics of our congregation.
  • Communications
    • Serves as Chair of the BMC Communications Committee
    • Prepares and sends internal and external communication of Church activities.
    • Responds to, coordinates and follows up on requests from community groups and the wider church community in consultation with Trustees and pastor/leadership staff as needed
    • Reviews and updates the BMC website and other community-facing communications channels in consultation with the BMC web manager, pastoral team and church committees
    • Prepares weekly Church bulletins including funerals and weddings as requested.
    • Handles email correspondence, announcement and reminder emails to the congregation
    • Maintains and updates subscriptions to church publications
    • Reviews and updates information on church bulletin boards, and other communications as directed by a pastor.
  • Facilities Bookings
    • Handles all church facility bookings including internal usage and external rentals in consultation with Trustees and pastor/leadership staff as needed.
    • Completes required rental agreements and invoicing.
    • Ensures the appropriate person is available to open and close the church for renters.
    • As needed, contacts custodians for supply maintenance and extra cleaning.
    • Maintains calendar of events for all users and uses of the church facility in consultation with BMC committee chairs and pastor/leadership staff as needed
  • Digital Technical Support
    • Provides support to digital tech needs of BMC e.g. worship services with video editing, worship visuals for projection, BMC Summer Camp with video editing, etc
    • Learns new skills as required and works with pastors and tech support to ensure the church’s technology needs are being met.
    • Contacts service providers and assists in resolving technical and IT issues as needed

The above list of duties and responsibilities is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather provides the scope of work involved in this position. Details of duties and responsibilities may vary and change over time.

Term and Remuneration:

  • Permanent part time position of 50-55 hours per month.
  • Hourly wage and training days will be negotiated annually.