Springtime for the Soul

Posted on: March 3rd, 2016 by Breslau Mennonite Church


In the Christian church, we are marking the season of Lent. This is a series of days (technically 44 yet traditionally 40) and weeks (6)  before the celebration of Easter. This is often a time to “give up” or “do without” something as a way to cleanse our system or to make room for intentional reflection on our spiritual life. Doing without might include less/no caffeine or chocolate, less video/online gaming. Lent can also be a time to “take on” or “add” something to our daily living as a way to nurture our soul and put into practice our faith convictions. This could include adding a daily walk into your routine, an act of service for someone, taking on extra patience or kindness. The point is to do without or add on in order to draw closer to God and God’s people.

Lent in its original meaning is a “spring-time for the soul”. I wonder how this notion of “spring-time for the soul” might fit with “giving up” or “taking on” something. What in your life might need greening?


Create in me a clean heart . . .


Create in me a clean heart O God, open to embrace the many ways you are present in my life.

Create in me a clean heart O God, warmly welcoming others with nonjudgment and unconditional love.

Create in me a clean heart O God, free of frantic busyness so I may listen to you.

Create in me a clean heart O God, restoring my inner goodness to shine through.

Create in me a clean heart O God, drawing me toward all as my sisters and brothers.

Pastor Eleanor Epp-Stobbe