Meet Yourself

Posted on: October 13th, 2015 by Breslau Mennonite Church

Meet Yourself – Reflections from the youth retreat

What would it be like to meet yourself? To encounter you as others see you? Without all the baggage we may carry with us? Without the self-criticism? To genuinely meet yourself as the beautiful, gifted, and fantastic person that you truly are?

This was our focus on our annual Jr. and Sr. Youth retreat in September. Alongside the hours of board games, outdoor games, snacking, laughing, planning, and just being together, we explored what it would be like to meet ourselves.

  • To meet ourselves through our own eyes – how do we honestly feel about who we are? What are our gifts? What do we struggle with? How do we wish people would see us?
  • To meet ourselves through the eyes of God – to live into the promise of Psalm 139 “I am beautifully and wonderfully made”. To know and experience the love God has for us.
  • To meet ourselves through the eyes of others – receiving encouragement and compliments from each other and not being ashamed to say “thank you”.

These are lessons and areas of growth for people of all ages. To learn to love who we are. To learn to give ourselves a break, to offer ourselves grace. To learn to honour our own gifts, especially if they are unique and quirky. To not only know, but to experience that God sees us through eyes of love. And to be reminded that as a community of faith, as Breslau Mennonite Church, our job is to encourage each other – regardless of age – to help each other experience love, know God, and belong to a community that welcomes everyone just as they are.

As we strive to be a welcoming community of faith and worship, may the grace of God abound within ourselves, and may the peace of Christ lead us within our relationships. Amen.

Pastor Sara Erb