Summer Camp at BMC

Posted on: September 15th, 2015 by Breslau Mennonite Church

Our Summer Camp this year was filled with many sacred holy moments. Or what in Celtic Spirituality is referred to as ‘thin places’: times when the boundaries between heaven and earth touch. With 80+ children registered, high amounts of energy, and wonderful volunteers, we explored the mighty power of water, how the Bible uses water to help us find God, and how we truly need water. Just as water is our life giving source, so God infuses us with refreshing life. We found ourselves in thin places when the kids built new friendships, when they laughed and played together during games; when they explored their creativity through crafts and created a mural on the front sidewalk to welcome all those coming into the church; and when they washed each others’ feet wholeheartedly and offered a blessing to each other during Quest because they knew they were following in the footsteps of Jesus. Thin places occurred during worship as we were engaged with the Bible stories, and were taken further into the day’s theme with the skits. We were walked into a thin place through the singing of our theme song “Wonderful Water”. Each child, each volunteer, experienced God in different ways during the week, and heaven and earth came together in a variety of ways. Even though our week of kids’ camp is over, our work together as Breslau Mennonite Church continues. Our relationships to our community, to our neighbours, and to the families we met this summer are just beginning. I am excited as this community encounters God in new ways and continues to experience thin places as we strive to be a welcoming community of faith and worship, supporting each other as we learn and grow, extending Christ’s love, peace and justice, with our community and with our world.

Pastor Sara Erb

September 15, 2015